MAD Greens Fall Menu 2018

Faraway Fall Flavors

Featuring Exotic Spices & Sweet Potatoes

Our fall seasonal items are all inspired by Thai cuisine, a complex flavor family known for its balance of salty, sweet, sour and bitter. We're also highlighting sweet potatoes, the quintessential autumn vegetable, in a brand new grain bowl and salad, each with its own unique dressing.

The Bangkok Bowl is a hearty, creamy grain bowl with a good amount of spice from the Creamy Red Curry Dressing, but the sweet potatoes and cool cabbage mellow it out nicely. The Queen Suri Salad is a refreshing complement featuring cucumbers, carrots and peanuts alongside curried sweet potatoes. Learn a bit more about these new dishes below or head to your nearest MAD Greens to try one for yourself! 

Bangkok Bowl: Wild Rice Blend, Red & Napa Cabbage, House Grilled Chicken, Curried Sweet Potatoes, Pumpkin Seeds, Cilantro with Creamy Red Curry Dressing

The smell of this grain bowl will hit you first. That’s the Creamy Red Curry Dressing with just four simple yet aromatic ingredients: Thai red curry paste, Greek yogurt, lime juice and garlic. But the sweet potatoes are the unexpected hero of the Bangkok Bowl. Their sweetness balances out the rich, aromatic dressing and their chewy texture pairs perfectly with the crunchy cabbage and crispy pumpkin seeds. 


ALLERGEN ALERT: The dressing contains both fish sauce and dairy, so if you're looking for something vegetarian, we recommend the Creamy Ginger. Or if you're vegan, try the Citrus Hoisin!

MAD Greens Bangkok Bowl
MAD Greens Queen Suri Salad

Queen Suri Salad: Spinach, Red & Napa Cabbage, House Grilled Chicken, Curried Sweet Potatoes, Carrots, Cucumber, Peanuts with Thai Sesame Vinaigrette

This salad was created as a counterpart to the hearty grain bowl, so it's all about light ingredients and fresh tastes. The Queen Suri is packed with nutrient dense veggies that won’t leave you stuffed: cabbage, spinach, cucumbers and carrots. Even the curried sweet potatoes taste brighter when mixed with the Thai Sesame Vinaigrette. This dressing has lots of bright components like mint, Thai basil, fresh ginger and rice wine vinegar. Our mixologists blend everything with sesame oil and rice wine vinegar resulting in an herby, umami-forward vinaigrette. 


PRO TIP: If sesame isn’t your thing, the Queen Suri also goes great with the Ginger Soy, Roasted Red Pepper, Mango Chimichurri or Sriracha Almond.

Soup: Thai Chicken & Rice

For our Colorado fans, we have a rich, delicious seasonal soup with a hint of spice and lots of texture. It’s got chunks of chicken, chewy brown rice, red and green peppers and bamboo shoots in a lemongrass- and coriander-infused chicken stock with red curry, ginger and chopped scallions. The Thai Chicken & Rice soup will truly help keep a Colorado cold front at bay.

MAD Greens Thai Chicken & Rice Soup

So whether you’re in the mood for bold, warm flavors or a light salad, our fall menu has got something for you. Not sure why you’re still reading…get to your neighborhood MAD Greens now! Or if you don't have time to wait in line, visit to try out our better-than-ever online ordering system