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Eat Better Employer-Provided Lunch Program

Fuel Your Team with Better-for-You Food

There’s something new a-brewing in the office kitchen…and it’s way better than burnt coffee. Yes, that smell is more and more businesses offering free lunches to their employees. For job applicants, little perks like free lunch can make a big difference in their job hunt. And for employers, it can boost employee relations, increase morale and reduce turnover rates.


MAD Greens knows how important good fuel is for your afternoon (and its productivity!), so we’ve recently introduced the Eat Better Employer-Provided Lunch Program. Much like our food, the program is entirely customizable. Employees order their perfect meal online, but employers choose the frequency – daily, weekly, or monthly. Then your team can pick up at the nearest MAD Greens or we can deliver (with enough volume).


These simple steps can lead to big rewards. According to the Harvard School of Public Health, for every $1 spent on employee health and wellness, businesses see a $3.27 reduction in healthcare costs. So offering MAD Greens may help keep employees in the office, instead of the doctor’s office. Furthermore, keeping everyone close by for lunch can encourage collaboration and improve office culture.

MAD Greens Lifestyle Campaign Professionals Eating on Bench

So if you’re looking to enhance your existing well-being initiatives with better for you food, or start providing lunch for your team, give us a shout! Our menu can be customized to fit any dietary needs or preferences and our ingredients are always deliciously fresh.

MAD Greens Lifestyle Campaign Professionals Eating on Bench

“MAD Greens is an employee lunch favorite! Having an option for healthy salads, wraps, and grain bowls gives our employees the fuel and nourishment to do their best work!”

-Courtney Richardson, Office Manager at SendGrid