MAD Greens Littleton at Southwest Plaza.

Bringing the MADness to Littleton, Colorado

Our new restaurant at Southwest Plaza is now open!

Ladies and gentlemen, the 19th MAD Greens is now open for business in Littleton, Colorado! Our beatiful new 2,000 square foot restaurant is part of the new Southwest Plaza mall redevelopment. To celebrate our 15th Colorado location, we of course needed lots and lots of balloons, some great music on our restaurant stereo system and some tasty food to wow our new guests.

The MAD Greens team at the Southwest Plaza grand opening.
Pictured: Some of the MAD Greens Southwest Plaza team celebrate with salad, heads of romaine, oranges, apples, beets and balloons during the grand opening.
At the helm of MAD Greens Littleton is a pair of managers we affectionately refer to as "The Marys": General Manager Mary Agostinelli (Mary A.) and Assistant General Manager Mary Culbert (Mary C.). Mary A. has been with MAD Greens since March 2015 and she says MAD Greens is filling a much-needed void in the neighborhood:
"The new mall redevelopment is bringing this unused space back to life. It's filling a role that's been much-needed in Littleton for a long time and it's a privilege to be a part of this revival. We are definitely looking forward to bringing some happy back to the community."
What else is special about the new Littleton MAD Greens? Mary A. says the amazing team members at the restaurant.
Southwest Plaza team members having fun during a break.
Pictured: MAD Greens Littleton Assistant General Manager Mary C. (left), Area Manager and trainer extraordinaire Shelly McCampbell (center) and General Manager Mary A. have some fun during a break during grand opening day.
Describing her team, Mary A. says: "We have great chemistry. There's a big age variance but that levels things out because we're coupling experience with a new eagerness to learn and everyone is so enthusiastic. It's important to me that this team has a positive, happy energy and I'm trying to lead by example with this. You can't go wrong if you're bringing a happy, enthusiastic attitude to work each day."
A MAD Greens Southwest Plaza team member gives a thumbs up during the grand opening event.
Pictured: Conner is ready to rock and roll as Greeter for the grand opening lunch rush. Nicely done, Conner!
With MAD Greens since 2014, Mary C. says she's looking forward to the professional dynamic her and General Manager Mary A. will bring to the restaurant.
"A good working relationship is extremely important and Mary and I love working together. We have a strong focus on hospitality and making sure guests are taken care of. We have a lot of respect for each other because we're both working towards the same goal."
A MAD Greens team member visits with guests.
Pictured: Assistant General Manager Mary C. chatting with guests. 
"We are super excited to finally be open and to be able to serve our guests the healthy food that they're craving," says Mary C. "The food speaks for itself. We're just here to provide it in a happy, friendly, fresh atmosphere."
To recap: MAD Greens Littleton at Southwest Plaza is OPEN and the team is ready to wow you with amazing hospitality and food. We'll see you soon, Littleton!