Shari Fransen Hilton Village GM (16:9)

Behind the Greens: Shari Fransen

Right at home with one of our newest General Managers

Shari Fransen is one of the newest MAD Greens General Managers, recently leading the opening of the third Arizona MAD Greens at The Shops at Hilton Village. Shari started at MAD Greens in August 2015 and she brings leadership skills, enthusiasm and optimism to the team.

What attracted you to MAD Greens?
I wanted to be somewhere where I believed in the concept. You have to believe in it or you wont be passionate. I remember looking over the to-go menu for the first time. Right away I wanted to apply. I also wanted to be somewhere where it was fun to come into work not just because of what you were doing but who you were working with.
Hilton Village salad line free salad day FSD (2:1)
Pictured: Some of the Hilton Village team members behind the salad line during Free Salad Day.
What is your favorite MAD Greens salad?
The Mighty Aphrodite or the Don Quixote with shrimp. I just can't get enough of these salads and I love our shrimp. I also cant pronounce some of our salad names yet. Im working on it though!
What is the one ingredient used in the restaurant that you couldnt live without?
Avocado. I just love it and I put it on everything. My sandwiches, my eggs in the morning, my salads.
Do you cook outside of work?
Yes, I like to explore and dont stick to any one flavor genre. However, the one thing Im always asked to bring to parties or potlucks is my amazing mac and cheese. It has five different types of cheese. People are surprised that I incorporate cottage cheese but thats what keeps it moist.
What else dont we know about you?
My family is very into football. In fact we have a sign over the TV that says Life is Better During Football Season. I root for the Vikings, my husband is a Dallas fan and one of my daughters loves Green Bay. We also try to stay active. My oldest daughter and I really enjoy working out together.
Are you a dog person or cat person?
Were dog people! We have a Chocolate Lab named Pepper; we have Sophie, an Australian Blue Heeler mix; we also have a Pit Bull named Maci and then there's Oliver, a Teacup Chihuahua.
Whats your philosophy about being a leader?
I want to help make people better. I encourage the team to learn from mistakes so they and the entire team can improve and move on.
Hilton Village Shari Fransen pre shift meeting team (2:1)
Pictured: Shari rallies the Hilton Village team the night before Free Salad Day.
What surprised you most about MAD Greens?
One of the surprising things is that I havent found one person who is unpleasant to work with. Truly great people work here. Another wonderful thing is how everyone helps out, no matter the task. Our recent Free Salad Day is a great example of this. We had dozens probably hundreds of prep tasks to complete and the team was happy to jump in no questions asked. Everyones smiling and laughing. Its really remarkable.
What do you want guests to experience when they walk into your restaurant?
I want our guests to feel at home like theyre walking into their own house because thats how at ease we make them feel. I want to treat them, take care of everything so they have a stress-free and fun dining experience. Everyone is family here.