MAD Greens DTC Joshua ReVello

Behind the Greens: Josh Revello

Working side-by-side for his team and his guests

We are so lucky to have innumerable incredible team members here with us at MAD Greens, but Josh Revello is an extra special one. He's the general manager of the Denver Tech Center location and is one of the most hospitality-focused people we've ever met. He lives to make your day...whether you're a guest or one of his salad artists, his priority is you. Take a look at our interview with him and then dive in a bit deeper with Josh after the video.

Why do you like working at MAD Greens?
Our #1 priority really is the guest. I know most of the clientele who comes in here on a first name basis. I just love coming in and seeing them every day, three or four times a week. It's the same people and that's just awesome. The salad artists that are on my line, on any line in any MAD Greens, will take the time to walk with you. We will make sure you get what you want 100%. We're not going to rush you through anything or hold you down. We want you to have what you want.
MAD Greens DTC Joshua ReVello
Pictured: Josh visits with one of his regular guests...he knows her favorite dressing is the Sriracha Almond Vinaigrette, no matter the salad!
What would you tell someone who has never visited a MAD Greens before?
The food speaks for itself. As soon as you try it, you'll be back for more. We've got fantastic salads on our menu, great wraps and tons of different juice options that are really, really good. As far as the quality, we've just got stuff that no one else has.
Tell us a bit about your management style.
My management philosophy is that I run with my crew. I'm not going to do anything that they won't do, I do everything. We work side-by-side. It's a very strong team here at DTC and it's important to have that bond so everybody that you know, knows each other. They know how to work with each other to provide the best possible experience for the guest. We always strive for that "hospitality moment" and to give everyone 100% every time you walk in our door.
MAD Greens DTC Team Joshua ReVello
Pictured: Josh joshes around with his incredible team at DTC.
What do you like to do in your free time?
I love to go to Comic Cons and cosplay, especially with my daughter. We'll visit three or four a year and always make our own costumes, really elaborate ones that we get super into. Sometimes we'll dress up as a pair, but I always let her pick and it's been fun to see her choices evolve as she gets older. 
What's your favorite salad at MAD Greens?
Definitely the Don Quixote. That salad is just so delicious...the mangos are a great addition to the avocados and Southwestern Chicken. I usually top it with the Creamy Ginger dressing, but sometimes mix it up since all our dressings are great.
MAD Greens DTC Joshua ReVello
Pictured: Josh made us his favorite salad but had to save it for later that day.