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Last month, we traveled down to Austin to check in with our Texan team members (and enjoy the bluebonnets, of course!). Between her busy schedule of prepping and managing the restaurant, we were able to sit down and talk with one general manager, Jessica "JB" Buchanan. JB has been with the company for a few short years and been at several locations. She's currently in Sunset Valley, bringing her focus on a positive work environment and guest-first approach to South Austin fans.


What do you love most about working at MAD Greens?

Definitely the people! Everyone has taken really great care of me and my team which is awesome. We've been building a great culture down here in Texas. My team is a little on the silly side - we are all a little MAD, but we have this synergy and work well together.

What is MAD Greens all about?

MAD Greens offers a wide variety of different entrees. We have signature salads but everything is customizable. We also have wraps and grains bowls, both of which are more filling so I'd suggest those items for dinner or in the winter. Our soups are great for sides to make things more of a meal. We also have handmade hummus, hand cut veggies and pita really we have something for everyone!


Tell us about MAD Greens' dressings. 

The dressings here are really fantastic. We make 20 to 25 at any given time...every day. By hand. We also have seasonal ones so we get special dressing just for a limited time. We currently have a Cherry Blasamic Vinaigrette for the Henri Matisse salad which is so sweet and savory at the same time. But each one is really good and they are totally what makes the salad.

MAD Greens Austin Holding Juice
MAD Greens Austin JB

What would you recommend to a first time guest?

I love recommending the Ty Cobb because it has your familiar ingredients in it - bacon, eggs, avocado with Blue Cheese Dressing. The other one I like to offer is the Don Quixote because it is just bright and really different - it has mango, which is surprising, and the Creamy Ginger Dressing is such a nice pop. 


How would you define hospitality?

I started as a Salad Artist and worked my way up to General Manager so hospitality to me means going that extra step with the guest in front of you. It's not just saying “What can I get for you?” It's asking about their day, getting to know their family, name, favorite order and just having a good relationship with a regular guest.

MAD Greens JB and Team
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