MAD Greens David Cadena Lakeline

Behind the Greens: David Cadena

All about his greens team

As MAD Greens continues to sprout up across Texas, we rely on some amazing leaders to keep the brand growing strong in Austin. That's where David Cadena, general manager of our Cedar Park location, comes in. We caught up with David during our South Austin restaurant opening to talk about his MAD Greens journey and what makes his team so special. Check out our video interview with David below and then read on for other photos and insights from our chat!

What do you love about working with MAD Greens?
The freedom of being able to run a restuarant while still having support and structure from the larger team. My crew knows how to run our MAD Greens the best and we've had some amazing accomplishments. I helped open our very first Texas location and now, five openings later, we're still going strong and growing. It's cool to see the growth of a company across the board...when I started, we had 24 locations and now we have 33. Can't wait to see where we go from here!
What's your favorite thing on the menu?
I love the Don Quixote with shrimp. When I was training in Colorado, I had it almost every day...even put it in a wrap to mix it up but still get the same flavors. Yum!! And then the Wake Up is my favorite juice, it's got a nice strong flavor and the ginger in there will definitely wake you up.
MAD Greens David Cadena Lakeline
Pictured: David is never happier than when he's making the Don Quixote.
What would you say to someone who's never been to MAD Greens before?
If you want a quick, healthy option, MAD Greens is THE best place out there. Anyone can come in and have a healthy salad, on-the-go. We have great food and the product is always fresh.
Tell us a bit about your team.
They are full of energy and all have an awesome attitude plus a great personality. I was lucky enough to be able to hand pick them when we opened the Cedar Park location which was a fun experience. And now in our day-to-day lives, I strive to keep them motivated and happy...because if they're happy, then the guests are happy.
MAD Greens David Cadena Lakeline
Pictured: David and his team show off their energy and smiles!