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Behind the Greens: Chris Henderson

Adding some (MAD) spice to life

You may not think that salads and barbeque have anything in common, but Chris Henderson, shift lead at MAD Greens - Lakeway, would disagree with you. He has been with our Texas team since we opened and loves making salads for his friends and family in Lakeway. He's also passionate about BBQ, and after trying the MAD Spice Project, he knew it'd be a perfect addition to his championship rubs (as well as the Ty Cobb salad). Check out what else he has to share with us in the latest episode of Behind the Greens.
What is your passion outside of work?
BBQ competitions!! It is addiciting and I compete usually once a month. I use our MAD Spice in all my rubs because it adds so much more flavor than just cayenne. The chocolate extract, the spice, the sea salt...everything blends well with the meats and sauces.
MAD Greens super secret spice blend perfectly balances spice with flavor. The perfect addition to any salad, sandwich, wrap or soup.
What would you say to someone who's never tried MAD Greens before?
First I'd ask, "Have you ever had a truly delicious salad?" Because our salads are awesome. There's so many options that we can create for them and toppings we make in house...we treat ingredients the way they should be treated. So come on in and let us make you something out of love.
What do you love about our guests?
Everyone is different and it really livens up the restaurant to be able to have personal interactions with everyone who walks in the door. Lakeway is a small town and I love being on a first-name basis with some many different people.
MAD Greens Lakeway Chris Henderson and Team
What's your favorite salad?
Definitely the Ty Cobb, it's filling and delicious!