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Behind the Greens: Arlene Sparks

Making a difference with salad

We know that providing smiling, authentic hospitality is just as important as offering fresh, bright greens. And Arlene Sparks, general manager of MAD Greens - Dana Park, is the embodiment of hospitality. She told us that hospitality shows we really care about you, the guest...what you're putting in your body, what's going on in your day...we want to be there for you. Check out what else she told us in the latest Behind the Greens!
What do you love most about working at MAD Greens?
We really make a difference in people's lives just from them coming in and ordering a salad. You know that great feeling after you get a really good workout? You are energized and pumped and feel like you can take on anything...that's what our salads do for you. You leave ready for your day or ready to go back to work and I love seeing people smile from that.
How do you train and develop your team?
How far you go with MAD Greens is totally up to you. Our training program is based around your interests and goals. I love to sit side-by-side with my team and teach whatever they want to know. I also coach my team to keep your eyes and ears open, be inquisitive and listen to other people's conversations around them because they might learn something.
MAD Greens Dana Park Arlene
Pictured: Arlene embodies her management philosohpy and demonstrates how to have fun at work!
What is your advice for new MAD Greens team members?
Try everything. To be honest, when I first started, I had never heard of edamame or tried beets...I didn't know they were so sweet. So I encourage new team members to taste everything on the line so we can really be the best advocates for our food and know what goes together in order to make recommendations for our guests.
What is your favorite MAD Greens salad? 
Love that Mighty Aphrodite. It's so fresh and light but leaves you full.
What do you like to do outside of work?
My biggest passion right now is roller derby, I've been playing for the last several years (only had two injuries so far). I try to find time every day to go skate around for a couple miles or hours.
MAD Greens Dana Park Arlene
Pictured: Come visit Arlene and the Dana Park team at Baseline and Val Vista today!