MAD Greens Arapahoe & Quebec Alex Martinez

Behind the Greens: Alejandro Martinez

Proud to help every guest "Eat Better"

Alejandro Martinez is one of the newest MAD Greens general managers, taking the helm at Arapahoe & Quebec a couple months ago. Although Alejandro is new to us, he's no stranger to the restaurant industry with more than eight years of experience. We caught up with Alejandro during a lull at one of our busiest locations to pick his brain about what he's learned so far and how it differs from other gigs.

What do you love the most about working at MAD Greens?
The type of atmosphere that is created from the guests and the feels like a family, even though I've only been here a short time. I love coming in every morning to share something new with my team every single day. We're making a difference in people's lives and delivering that excellent guest experience. And the guests, oh man. They are truly unique! I've worked in the food industry for eight years now and I can honestly say that the guests we have at MAD Greens are phenomenal. They're something else...they're amazing!
MAD Greens Arapahoe & Quebec Alex Martinez
Alex turns the reigns over to another team member to lead their daily prep meeting.
What would you say to someone who's never been to MAD Greens?
We're a lot different from other restuarants out there because of the healthy options we offer. Our focus is "Eat Better" and we're built around that philosophy. We handcraft all our dressings, we make our own marinade for all our proteins, we cut and prep all our produce in's really task-heavy. We're in here every morning at 6am to be ready to open by 10:30 because of all the cooking and prepping we need to do to provide fresh, quality food for our guests, every single day. 
MAD Greens Arapahoe & Quebec Alex Martinez
Alex helps as one of his team members chops green onions.