Chef Dan on the salad line adding ingredients to a mixing bowl

Accommodating Your Food Allergies

Easy as a dairy-free, gluten-free pie!

Whether it's peanuts, gluten or eggs, eating out when you have food allergies can feel more like a game of dodgeball you may never win. That's why, in 2011, MAD Greens became the first restaurant ever to offer an interactive allergy menu through Denver-based Gipsee, Inc...we never want our guests to feel left out or targeted as the last one standing. We are an inclusive, allergy-friendly restaurant that is built on the idea of a transparent and healthy menu, with choices for any diet, because we understand how difficult dining can be. 

Our allergy menu is accessible on and allows you to thoroughly research our food to gather accurate, detailed information before you even step into the restaurant. You simply select any number of ingredients to avoid and based on your unique needs, you'll see a customized list of menu choices categorized as: OK For You to Eat, OK to Eat with Modifications, and Not Suitable For You. Then it's so easy to step up to the line at your nearest MAD Greens and know precisely how we should prepare your meal. We carefully train all our team members on food allergies - how to accommodate requests, avoid cross contamination, and prevent human error during preparation. 

MAD Greens Lakeline Opening

"Most restaurants present allergy information in a static table format categorized only by the most common eight allergen groups," Gipsee co-founder Dilip Chopra said. "But food allergies do not always fall into clear-cut categories or common groups." MAD Greens was the first chain to list all its ingredients for users to interactively choose the best menu options based on their dietary restrictions. 

These extra efforts have not gone unnoticed over the past six are just a few guests who have publicly thanked us.

  • "This place is what everyone with a food allergy/intolerance has been waiting for. Their website lets you check off your allergies, intolerances and preferences and they'll tell you exactly what you can and can't eat. Perfect for items with hidden gluten or nightshades (which isn't quite as common of an allergy). You may say, it's just a salad. Well proteins are marinated and most salads have dressings. Plus, it's fresh and delicious. So thanks for making my life a little easier." -Cedar Park, TX
  • "I have a lot of food allergies and it's nice to find a place that not only takes my allergies seriously, but has options. Friendly, clean, and great food" -Arrowhead, AZ
  • "They were EXCELLENT at accommodating my allergies. Used new gloves, bowls, utensils, and even pulled my salad ingredients from the fresh bins rather than using veggies on the line." -Westminster, CO