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Declaration of Nourishment

We nourish our MAD Greens family by encouraging and recognizing individual contributions and providing real opportunities for growth. We nourish our culture by fostering a little bit of MADness in work, play and life.

Grow with MAD Greens

Whether you are looking for a part-time position or to further your restaurant career, we ensure everyone has a chance at success. We can provide you with the opportunity to make the green while mixing the greens but at MAD Greens, rising through the ranks is easy and fun. Before you know it, you can making way more than’ll be making decisions.


The MAD Greens Career Path

There are no tricks to advancement at MAD Greens. Starting at the ground floor is how most of our General Managers and Corporate team began, and it’s how your job can flourish into a career. This is the typical path our most valuable employees have taken.

Salad Artist
Salad Artists are the foundation of our team. They learn all of our positions and become specialized in at least one. 70% of upper-level management have come from internal promotions.
Shift Leader
A shift leader is responsible for the smooth operations of the restaurant when they are the manager on-duty. They also help train new team members.
Assistant General Manager
An assistant GM has the training to fully run the restaurant at any given time. They schedule all team members according to volume and need, place accurate food orders help create and execute accurate plans for cost control and team development and help the GM enhance the in-store experience.
General Manager
The general manager can both manage the store and take on high-level corporate projects on occasion. They test new initiatives and provide feedback, and serve as mentors to their staff and associates.
MAD Greens is an eVerify employer.