Eat Better. A Way of Life.

At MAD Greens, Eat Better is more than just a casual phrase or a healthy meal. It's a way of life. We all want something better than what fast food has given us. We want the ingredients, meals, and flavors our bodies deserve. In 2004, MAD Greens started with the notion that providing healthy, fast and fresh food should be the mainstream, not the alternative. And we still believe this today. What does Eat Better mean for you?

Better Ingredients

We use the freshest ingredients we can find - from salad dressings to hearty grains. We prep everything in-house, from scratch, because that's the way food should be made. 

Better Taste

Chef-inspired, unique recipes made from high-quality ingredients prepared in interesting salads, grain bowls, wraps, and juice combinations.  Our guarantee: you'll taste the difference or we'll replace it.

Better For You

Restaurants shouldn't need a government mandate to show nutritional information. We've always been proud of our commitment to health and we show this through publishing nutritional information for everything on the menu.  We don't just want you to know exactly what you are eating and where it came from, but we also want you to know how much you are eating.

MAD Greens Johnsons Backyard Garden Workers with Carrots


Better Variety

Salads. Grain BowlsWrapsJuicesSoups. Don't see your dream salad or meal on the menu? Create your own masterpiece from our 50+ fresh ingredients we prepare, every day.

Better Service

A great meal isn't great when the service is just good. Need something? Want something? Just say something.

Better Experience

We may be a little crazy, but we always want to help make your meal (and your day!) better.

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