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Embrace Life's Madness

At MAD Greens, we’re a place where healthy tastes delicious, you can be you, and where we don’t take anything too seriously…except food and your satisfaction.

Life’s madness: work, family, crazy schedules, weird things going on in the world. And of course, trying to be healthy. Everyone wants to eat healthier – better – just ask them. But all too often, that sounds like a lot of sacrifice, confusion and a whole lot of no fun. But we are here to change some minds (and some habits) (and maybe some bodies along with it). At MAD Greens, we say, embrace the madness. It’s coming no matter what, so laugh at the absurdity, hug your kids even when they’re driving you nuts, and eat a salad that is made with so much wacky attitude and authentic passion, that suddenly healthy eating doesn’t feel like hard work.

Since our inception in 2004, we’ve been intent on disrupting the status quo: healthy, fast and fresh food should be mainstream, not the alternative. We’ve created chef-inspired salads that will actually fill you up (without putting you in a food coma), warm grain bowls with craveable flavor combos, and satisfying wraps that are as on-the-go as you are. 

AC Restaurant Group, a Coors family company, acquired MAD Greens in 2013 with an eye on growth. Under the leadership of Darden Coors and John Montgomery, MAD Greens expanded its madness to Phoenix, Arizona and Austin, Texas and tripled the number of locations.

In 2019, MAD Greens joined forces with Snappy Salads, a Dallas-based salad-centric restaurant, to create Salad Collective. This consaladated group brings together fast-casual concepts with a shared commitment to fresh, high-quality ingredients, amazing culinary experiences and excellent customer service. 

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Mango, corn and shrimp may not *seem* like the go together, but TRUST us...the Don Quixote it 🔥🔥
Ready and waiting for you!
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Everything is betta with #feta! Even those #SundayScaries
This hearty Picasso #grainbowl is full of comforting, #autumnal flavors! The char on the roasted #rootvegetables underscores the smoke in the #cheese and dressing, creating a dish that was made to be eaten in front of the fire. #Apples lend a refreshing lightness while #bacon brings an extremely satisfying crunch.
The Picasso #grainbowl is loaded with hearty ingredients like smoked #cheddar cheese, #bacon and roasted veggies (#parsnips, red onions and #sweetpotatoes)